Zoomcar is India's premier car sharing (self-drive) service that allows customers to rent a car by the hour, day, week or month.

Zoomcar is the first company in India to focus on self-drive car rental, in contrast to earlier companies in India that focused on chauffeur-driven rentals.

Primary Logo


We focused on creating a unique mark for Zoom Car. 

Early on the client briefed us on the values they were targeting.

The idea of Freedom, travel, honesty, openness where the core values we felt what zoomcar needed in their new branding

We came with a design that was a combination of a bird, alphabet Z, GPS pin and speed lines.


Birds and wings convey freedom of choice and freedom of travel. The GPS pin conveys travel and location. The wings also appear as speed lines communicating their motto to never stop living. All these elements come together to form Zoom Car(alphabet Z).





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