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Description of the organization and its target audience


Sanjivi Hospital was first started by Dr.Subramanyam's grandfather 50yrs ago. He named it Sanjivi. The name Sanjivi comes from the name taken from Epic Ramayana. Sanjivi is a mountain which contains herbs with healing potential. Lord Hanuman carries it to the battlefield to heal wounded soldiers. The vision of the founder was Sanjivi would be a center which can heal things. 


Core values of Sanjivi Hospitals


  • Ethical practice

  • State of the art facilities

  • Expertise

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Affordable costs


Hospital & Medical

  • Branding

  • Interactive

  • Web Design

  • Iconography




Sanjivi hospitals is an orthopaedic center specialising hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The hospital has visitors from all over South India. It's great for people who need a warm, caring and professional hospital services.

The founders of Sanjivi Hospitals approached us for constructing their brand identity from scratch as their old identity was built 50 years ago. The main goal of the identity was to increase the awareness and appeal to local & national demographic. Sanjivi hospitals needed a brand identity that would compete on a national level with other big players such as Apollo hospitals, sunshine hospitals, fortis healthcare, Columbia Asia, Manipal etc.

At Brandvibe, we started of with research of Sanjivi using its background story. There was a lot back & forth and multiple stages of conversations with the founders. When we got a good grasp of the concept, we started our initial sketches. The research helped us create designs in a specific direction of founders liking. We had to work & create an identity that would symbolise both old Sanjiv with its core values & new Sanjivi that promoted growth & healing. 





The design has three elements now - Hand, sanjivi leaves and a human abstract.

The design abstractly shows lord Hanuman's hand carrying a mountain containing leaves to cure illness, but the main interpretation here is Sanjivi Hospitals(hand) provide the cure(sanjivi leaves) to illness and make their patients healthy(Human abstract), ultimately conveying that sanjivi orthopaedic center provides quality care to cure the illness.









It was really wonderful working with Rahul & could never ask for a better person to do this project for us. He is a true professional. I have already recommended him to my friends.

Dr. Subramanyam

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