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Description of the organization and its target audience


Roundwood Vets are an empathetic, caring, 100% client focused group of people who help pets and their people live happy healthy lives. They do this through honest advice, consistently awesome clinical standards. They were different to other vets because they focused on keeping pet healthy, not just healing them when they get sick. Roundwood Vets remember pets are just like us human beings.

Their target audience were pet owners, often mums as decision makers, who want their pets to live 2-3 years longer because they chose our practice and took our advice.


Animal & Pet

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Initially, we created an abstract of animals- dog, cat & rabbit. Inside these animals is horizontal flicks which are loose and have a sense of motion in them. This was to convey a sense of joy, festivity and lack of control. These are the emotions of happiness and a healthy mind which a pet (and it's owner) acquires from the affectionate care of our clients(Roundwood Vets). We chose these animals as a symbol because it would be easier for the pet owners to recognize the industry our clients belong to.


We chose various colors which are bright, vivid to convey happiness and positivity.


Initial feedback was the concept was great but the client wanted an additional design that conveyed circle of life.


We came up with concentric circles inspired by the flick to show love(red), energy(orange), growth(green) & healing(blue). All these values come together to form a complete health solution for pet owners.





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