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Poorvika is a leading destination for online mobile shopping in India, offering some of the best prices and a
completely hassle-free experience.

Poorvika has set up 200 and more one-stop-mobile-shops across 43 cities in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and
Karnataka. The company enjoys warm relations with manufacturers and continues to win laurels for its
sales, riding on the success of the Indian mobile revolution


Initial Concepts



The design of the peacock was the very first concept we presented. The thought was inspired by clients goal of being a pan india name, and  when we think about India, one of the primary images we get in our mind is a beautiful peacock. It is vivid, attractive, feminine and is our national bird. Poorvika is a female name and associating the name with a bird makes more sense than any other element.


The other reason we chose peacock because of its rainbow colors in its body and feather. Not only this aspect conveys a variety of options of mobiles, accessories Poorvika offers to consumers but also shows that they make sure that the customer is at the core/center of this options.

The wings of the peacock have a white arrow in them. This communicates that although Poorvika's heart and brain are at one location(body), but the outreaching wings convey growth and expansion towards other regions.

The design is created using only circles to make it look as aesthetically appealing.



Initial reaction

We really loved the concept involved in creating this design.

Siva, Marketing Officer





Color Palette



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